Cyrus The leader of the Nyil Drifts



Cyrus hails from the roughest community on the outskirts of the Nyil city. To urban to join the rural gangs to rural to join the urban Gangs. Cyrus fought of both groups and eventually formed his own gang “The Drifts” because they where always drifting between communities. Cyrus’s reputation and gang grew overtime until he was asked to submit to first the Hutts and then then base level members of the Black Sun.

Cyrus promptly turned them both down and used the Gangs of Chandrilla to take over the organized crime on Chandrilla with the rallying cry “its all our turf!”. This was all before the arrival of the Empire.

Now with the freedom of Chandrilla now threatened Cyrus can no longer dig it, and has mobilized the gangs to help defend Chandrilla.

Cyrus The leader of the Nyil Drifts

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